Watches – Oh – Watches

I love watches.

Being a techie, I really can’t accept a watch that isn’t accurate. The accuracy of a quartz-crystal based watch is the minimum. I wish I could get a Rolex, Omega or other really nice looking watch, but I just can’t accept the accuracy I’ll get from a watch like that. So all the beautiful Swiss watches are out for me. But there are alternatives:

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Great Courses at Coursera

I’m currently taking a Cryptology course at Stanford University via Coursera. It came recommended by Bruce Schneier on Security: Free Cryptography Class, and I find it a great way to expand my knowledge. I really appreciate the level. Just enough for it to be challenging and stimulating, but also not too hard or too much work, so I can still fit it in with family and work.

And in addition, the courses are free!

Thanks, Coursera and participating universities for making this possible.

Check it out! There are courses in:

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Society, Networks, and InformationEconomics, Finance, and Business
  • Humanities and Social SciencesHealthcare, Medicine, and Biology

All provided by professors from top-notch univerities in the US.

I’ve only tried the Cryptology course, but it rocks!