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Increased surveillance is considered a positive by many? Yikes…

Here in Denmark, we’ve just had an election, and the previous government has been replaced.

A newspaper article [lang=”da”] looks back at what people liked and disliked about what the previous government did.

I have trouble believing, much less understanding, that 68% consider increased surveillance to have had a positive effect for Denmark, 16% believe the effect to be neutral and 16% believe it to be negative.

Wow. The people who believe that our society is better off when the government monitors us more out numbers people like me 4 to 1? Yikes. Has nobody read 1984 or seen Das Leben der Anderen? Doesn’t anybody remember DDR or the Soviet Union? Perhaps China will open source the great firewall too, so we can install it here!

I’m a little sad today about this.

Edit on 2011-10-20. Oh no, it keeps getting worse [lang=”da”].

NSA Open Sources an internally developed project

NSA proposes Accumulo NoSQL database to Apache, writes The H.

This is a big deal (at least in my book) because it demonstrates that the NSA does not believe in security by obscurity.

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34 Cleverly Designed Inventions

Really cool list of 34 Cleverly Designed Inventions. I especially liked the USB connector, the stair case drawers, and the crawling lamp on the wall.

Thanks to the Userfocus Usability Newsletter for the link. The site also has lovely 32 Pictures To Help You Appreciate The Awesomeness Of Nature but I better let you go now :-).